Unaware of the challenges inherent in what has been called the "...highest profile heritage restoration in Canada", Roick and Robert raised the capital necessary to rebuild the Seventh Floor in its original glory.  After a year frought with obstacles, the funds, deals and sponsors were in place and a long-term lease finalized.  The floor was named The Carlu to honour its famed visionary and final plans were completed to ensure a detailed and veracious renovation.

With little more than six months to complete the construction, more than 50 companies and 150 trades people worked meticulously to restore each minute detail and ensure The Carlu was restored to exactly as it was, yet updated with the technological advances to meet the requirements of its 21st century patrons.  The Carlu is now considered one of the finest surviving example of the Art Moderne style of architecture remaining in the world.

Pictures by Envision Digital Photography